You know that phase children go through when they responded to everything with the question, “Why?” I never outgrew that phase. I’m the guy that looks at a paper clip and wonders how it’s made. I’m the guy that took apart every single thing I owned to see how it worked. (Yes, I could put them all back together correctly.) I bring an insatiable curiosity to my work, which makes it a joy for me to know your industry, know your business, know your products and know your customers.


I possess the soul of a poet and the mind of an engineer. I’m equally at home in both emotional and logical realms. I use my versatility to your advantage. While the copy I write will evoke an emotional response, the actual act of writing is a logical process. Every word I give you will be painstakingly constructed to produce the exact customer response you need.


Ultimately, I base my success on your success. I’ll know I wrote your copy well when your business does well. All of my focus will be on improving your brand, your sales and your bottom line.

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